• The Classic Facial

    50 mins |  175

    This is your standard routine facial. It includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, high frequency (if needed), massage and custom mask

  • The Custom Facial

    60 mins | 245

    The Custom Facial is slightly more customized than the Classic Facial. You'll be able to add either microdermabrasion, dermaplane OR microcurrent depending on your skin concerns. LED light included

  • The Works Facial

    75 mins | 345

    The Works has it all! It includes deep cleanse, microderm/dermaplane, extractions, high frequency (if needed) microcurrent, massage, custom jelly mask, and LED light

  • Environ Cool Peel Facial

    75 min | 300

    Using the Environ Triawave machine, this facial uses a combination of pulsed galvanic current (iontophoresis) and low-frequency sound waves (sonophoresis) to enhance the penetration of ingredients up to 40 times compared to a regular facial. The Triawave also includes microcurrent, which lifts and tones the muscles in the face. This facial is great for anyone looking to uplevel their skincare. Great for fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, or general anti-aging concerns. Those who have ear damage, a pacemaker, are pregnant, or suffer from epilepsy should speak with a medical professional before getting treatment.

  • Joelle Ciocco Buccal Facial

    60 mins | 365

    This is an intensive sculptural massage facial. This includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, minimal extractions, microcurrent, 20-minute buccal massage, and custom mask with LED light. You can read all about buccal massage here 

  • Dermaplane Express Facial

    20 mins | 85

    This treatment is for those only looking to get dermaplaned. A quick cleanse followed by dermaplaning and sunscreen. Option to add on an Environ Cool Peel (extra $65).

  • Skin Consultation

    15 mins | 50

    Add an in-depth skin consultation to any facial. For clients needing help with a skin issue or confused about how to use their products. Lizzie will customize an AM and PM step-by-step routine to address any skin issues

  • Threesome

    Brow Shaping and Tint with Lash Tint. 

  • Brow Shape

    Eyebrow wax or shape with tweezers

  • Brow Tint

  • Lash Tint