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Joelle Ciocco

Joelle Ciocco Abricol - Apricot Ointment

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Cult product created more than 30 years ago. Apricot Ointment is an essential nourishing and protective treatment for the skin. 1.0 oz


Apricot kernel oil: protects and moisturizes
Passion fruit seed oil: regenerating and nourishing
Jojoba oil: moisturizing
Evening primrose oil: antioxidant, reinforces the natural shield of the skin
Sweet almond oil: regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect


Morning and evening, massage with your fingertips in rotating movements across the entire face, eye contour, neck, and neckline. Recommended especially before and after air travel or for extreme climates and especially on ultra-sensitive and very dehydrated skin.


All skin types but those particularly dry. Ideal for travelers.


Hair Tip: Drop a small quantity of Apricot Ointment in the palm of your hands, then put gently on your hair ends to moisturize and protect them from dryness.